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Sign Up for Digital Magazines!


Check out our digital magazines! This is a collection of 55 magazines that you can read on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.  Set up an account today and read your favorite magazines.  Here is a list of HPL’s digital magazines: Digital Magazine Collection 2013

Go to this link to create an account- Zinio Magazines.   You need your library card to set up an account.   Once you set this  up,  you need to receive a confirmation email to begin viewing magazines.  Tip:  Bookmark this link on your computer/device because you will need to go to this link to access your magazines.

You will also want to download a Zinio App to use with tablets and mobile devices.  It is free and is even a better way to view the magazines.

Use these instructions  if you need further assistance.

Questions?/Problems?-View Zinio Patron FAQ December 2012


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