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Reader’s Advisory

book_recommendationsLooking for your next good book? Want to find an author who writes like your favorite? Let us help you in your search. Try Books and Authors to help you narrow your choices. This site has a “Who, What, Where” feature that allows you to browse by character, subject, location, and time period.  You can also go to “My Reading Room” where you can make and save book lists. Novelist is another great site that will help you find your next good read.  Discover books that are similar to ones you’ve enjoyed, find the next book in a series, or print out discussion guides for your book club.

An additional tool in your search for a good book is our weekly newsletter.  You can also sign up to get lists of new titles. Sign up today!

Don’t forget one of the best resources right in the library – the staff!  Ask any one of our well-read and knowledgeable staff for a recommendation.  We are happy to help you in your quest for your next great read.

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