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AtoZ for You and Me

AtoZ Databases is the newest addition to the library’s electronic resources. It’s a fantastic resource for people who are looking for jobs, own a business or just want to get in touch with friends! Read on for a selection of AtoZ’s useful features!

Looking for a job?
AtoZ compiles job postings from indeed.com, allowing you to search for open positions and create a resume, all in one easy to use format. You’ll also have access to resume and cover letter tips and tricks, as well as a bi-weekly webinar on how to improve your job search.

Own a business?
AtoZ lets you easily create a mailing list of people in your area. Market to specific segments of the population, or to everyone in a certain radius. Thinking of starting a business? Use AtoZ to see if any competitors are in your area, and get started marketing your grand opening!

Want to reconnect?
AtoZ has an easy to way to find Great Uncle Steve’s address, or Cousin Jackie’s address. Much like the phone books of yore, AtoZ will help you find phone numbers and addresses of folks across the country. Get a jump start on next year’s holiday cards!

Access AtoZ Databases here!

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