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Opposing Viewpoints

While we hope you’ve noticed our Overdrive and Freegal collections, you may not have come across all of the electronic resources we have available for you.  You can access them from your home computer 24/7!  One of our favorites is Opposing Viewpoints.  This database is the perfect resource for students writing papers and preparing debates or for adults just trying to understand what is going on.  With topics spanning from War and Diplomacy to Health and Medicine, Opposing Viewpoints is the perfect place to learn about both sides of an issue before making up your mind about something.  It is especially helpful around election time!  New topics are being added constantly, such as Gentrification and Executive Powers, and ever-changing issues, like the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, are updated often with new information.  Each entry will give you a brief summary, list any key people or events, and give you in-depth background, and a list of updates.  There is also a link giving citation information, to help out scholars who need to make bibliographies.  This database pulls from well-known and trusted news sources so you can easily understand all sides of any issue you might be interested in.  Opposing Viewpoints is extremely helpful, particularly when new (or new-to-you) issues pop up in the news, and it is completely free!  Use it at home by logging in with your library card.  Check it out here!

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