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New Database A to Z World Food

Not to be confused with another database we offer of a similar name AtoZdatabase (which will help you with job searching), A to Z World Food will help you find the perfect recipe!

A to Z World Food is the only food database that contains traditional recipes for 174 countries in all course categories from appetizers, such as Chinese spring rolls, to main courses, like Domlama a Meat-Veggie Stew from Uzbekistan, and don’t forget the desserts!


Been dreaming of visiting Italy and enjoying the freshest fish the Mediterranean has to offer? Now you can experience the culture and food from home, and learn how to make some classic Italian dishes!

Explore the Culinary Regions of Italy and make a Pizza Margherita from the Campania region for dinner and then have the popular Sicilian pastry, the cannoli, for dessert!

Eating is a social affair in Italy and meals are eaten leisurely to accommodate conversation

You can enrich the experience and learn about Dining Etiquette, such as Table Etiquette and the Social Dimension of Dining.

Need the basics? There are a variety of Reference Topics to help you through your food journey

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