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New MP3’s to check out

The Court Dancer: Based on the remarkable true story of an orphan who would fall under the affections of the Empress and become a jewel in the late Joseon Court.

When a novice French diplomat arrives for an audience with the Emperor, he is enraptured by the Joseon Dynasty’s magnificent culture, then at its zenith. But all fades away when he sees Yi Jin perform the delicate traditional Dance of the Spring Oriole. Though well aware that women of the court belong to the palace, the young diplomat confesses his love to the Emperor, and gains permission for Yi Jin to accompany him back to France.

A world away in Belle Epoque Paris, Yi Jin lives a free, independent life, away from the gilded cage of the court but even in this new world, great sorrow awaits her. Yi Jin’s grieving and suffering is only amplified by homesickness and a longing for her oldest friend. But her homecoming was not a happy one. Betrayal, jealousy, and intrigue abound, culminating with the tragic assassination of the last Joseon empress―and the poisoned pages of a book.

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The Darwin Variant: Kenneth Johnson plunges readers into a day-after-tomorrow thriller about an imminent global catastrophe and explores how ordinary people respond to extraordinary circumstances. When the icy shards of a rogue comet fall to Earth, they bring an unknown virus that accelerates evolution to extremes. In a small Georgia town, fourteen-year-old Katie McLane sees her neighbors changing, one by one. Dr. Susan Perry, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uncovers the frightening scope of the menace. Katie and Susan become fugitives because of what they know, encountering bitter betrayals and lethal dangers, but also loves ignited and inspiring camaraderie, as they fight to prevent a viral conspiracy from creating a terrifying brave new world.

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Magnetism: Set in the American mid- and south-west, the novel opens in 1976 when the young teenage protagonist, Erica, is in a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt. Fast forward to the present and Erica, now in her fifties, takes a phone call at work telling her that her mother, Caroline, has died. From this point the story moves backwards in time with each chapter shedding light – and dramatic irony – on those it follows. Crackling with energy and wit, the novel captures the exacting rhythm and beat of their bond, the significant shifts in their relationship, why they made the choices they did and became the people they are. The novel is ripe with humour, and tender as well as ruthless.

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Spring Tide: A thought-provoking collection of contemporary short stories from the winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award 2013. From stories about first love, to a man who discovers a labyrinth beneath his house, to an angel left alone at the end of the universe, Beckett displays both incredible range and extraordinary subtlety as a writer. Every story is a world unto itself – each one beautifully realized and brilliantly imagined.

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The Mandela Plot: As the 1980’s draw to a close, South Africa is a maelstrom of political violence with the apartheid regime in its death throes. Young Martin Helger is the struggling odd duck at an elite private boys school in Johannesburg, with his father a rough-handed scrap dealer and his brother a mysterious legend. When a beautiful and manipulative American arrives at the family home, Martin soon finds himself wrenched out of his isolated bubble and thrust into the raw heart of the struggle. Mercy is in short supply and ultimately Martin must rely on alternative strengths to protect himself and fight for a better future.

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