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AtoZ Database: Webinars

Each week we will be highlighting different features of AtoZ Database, today it’s webinars!

First stop to get you acquainted with this database is, the Intro Videos. Here you will see videos ranging from the more straightforward tasks, such as, “How to do a Job Search” or “How to Quickly Find a Person,” to something more specific such as “How to get New Mover Sales Leads & Mailing Lists” or “How to view a Company’s Corporate Structure using the Corporate Family Tree & Linkage feature”


Current Classes at the AtoZU Training Center

  • Webinar: Principles of Basic Searches in AtoZdatabases
  • Webinar: Principles of How to Find a Job, Resume Writing & Ace and Interview
  • Webinar: Principles of How to Find New Customers & Grow Your Business

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