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Want to exercise more in the New Year? Let us help!

Did you know that we have a large section of exercise DVDs in our non-fiction collection? This collection can be missed easily since they are interfiled with the non-fiction books of the same subject.


Only have a few minutes a day to exercise?

30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio pump: DVD/613.71/THIRTHY

10-minute Belly, Butt & Thighs Tone Ups: DVD/613.71/TEN

30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio Pump: DVD/613.71/THIRTHY

Do Yoga at home (for free)!

Yoga for Beginners: DVD/613.7046/YOGA

Easy Yoga the Secret to Strength & Balance: DVD/613.7046/EAS

Back Care Yoga: DVD/613.7/BACK





Have any aches and pains?

Functional Fitness Arthritis Relief Walking Workout for Seniors: DVD/616.722/FUNCTIONAL

Sit and be Fit Arthritis Workout: DVD/616.722/SIT

Classical Stretch Posture & Pain-Relief for Beginners: DVD/613.78/CLASSICAL












Can’t make it to the library? Check out OverDrive for Gaiam Workout Videos!

“A simultaneous-use collection of 25 workout videos from Gaiam, Inc. These videos teach skills such as yoga, pilates, and tai chi, and also include kid-friendly titles. Simultaneous use means all titles are always available – no holds, no wait!”


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