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Get the Newest Materials with Wowbrary!

Have you ever heard about a new book a few weeks after its release and called the library to request it, only to learn that there are 130 people ahead of you on the waitlist? How did those folks know about this awesome new book before you? One possibility- they subscribe to Wowbrary!  

Wowbrary is a free weekly email that tells you all the newest items added to the collection. You can request items right from the email! Subscribing to Wowbrary is a great way to be among the first for new, high demand books, movies and more! Each Wowbrary email is curated to contain the week’s most popular new items- the biggest books, ballads and blockbusters purchased for our patrons. You can look at different categories, like “Cooking, Food and Wine,” “Literature and Fiction,” and “Children’s Books,” and at different formats, like digital magazines, DVDs, CDs and graphic novels.  

Sign up here and start seeing all the new materials we get just for you!  

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