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The Magic Half by Annie Barrows

Miri is the main character in this story and she is the middle child between two sets of twins. She often feels left out and overlooked by her parents. Her older brothers torment her, while her toddler sisters annoy her. When her family moves to an old Victorian house, Miri has something to take her mind off her siblings. Looking through the lens of an old eyeglass, she is transported back to 1935. There she meets Molly, who lived in the same house, under the thumb of her violent cousin. She also finds out from a local townie about a buried treasure which might help her bring her new friend to the present time. The characters and setting are realistic despite the subtle elements of magic and time travel. Still, this is a fun story that adds a bit of history and a tad of mystery into the mix. The adventure will surely enchant readers and it would appeal to grades 3-6. I found this story truly delightful.

review by Kathy Alexander, August 2011

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