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Book review of “La Cucaracha Martina” by Daniel Moreton

Martina is a cute roach that does not like the city life.  The loud noises hurt her tiny ears and do not allow her to sleep.  One night while trying to sleep Martina hears a soft, sweet, sound. She starts searching for the source of the beautiful sound and in that process she meets all the city animals.  They get so impressed with the pretty little roach that every one of them proposes to Martina.  Martina rejects the marriage proposals and continues searching for her sound. But Martina’s life is changed and she will find something. Will she find the lovely sound?

This Caribbean folktale is one of my favorites. This book is fun and children will love to hear the story and repeat the animal sounds over and over again.  The text is romantic and humorous. They are different versions of the same story but this author does a wonderful job retelling and illustrating this fairy tale.  The design is amazing and the colors are bright.

Reading Level: 4 and up

Review by Julia Aybar

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