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Review of “Diary of a Worm” by Doreen Cronin

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

This hilarious look at the daily life of a young earthworm will capture the interest of young readers eager to Dig into Reading, this year’s Summer Reading Program theme for children.      The worm lives underground with his parents and sister, and he plays with his friend, Spider.   The reader follows his diary entries every week: a rainy night and day spent on the sidewalk (with danger lurking everywhere), the start of fishing season, hanging upside down with Spider and having fun with macaroni in art class.  There is a message, too, about how important worms are to the earth — eating garbage and digging tunnels to “help Earth breathe.”

The illustrations by Harry Bliss are the best part, especially the funny “aside” dialogue.  This picture book diary is for every child who loves to dig in the earth, turn over a rock, and find the wonderful wiggly worms beneath.

Review by Carol Chamberlain

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