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Review of “Gregor, the Overlander” by Suzanne Collins

Review of “Gregor the Overlander” by Suzanne Collins.

I recently read the book, “Gregor the Overlander” by Suzanne Collins for my 5th/6th grade book club. We chose it because one of the young men who sometimes attends book club had read and loved it. My first reaction was to assume that the author was taking advantage of her success with the “Hunger Games” series to attract a younger audience. I was for all practical purposes, judging a book by its cover. I should know better.

This book was intensely engaging. It is essentially fantasy, with an alternate world existing below ground that is peopled by giant rats, roaches and humans riding bats. All of these characters are sentient to some degree, and are at war with one another. Gregor, the title character, is an 11 year old boy who falls into this underground world through a grate in the laundry room of his apartment building, while trying to save his 2 year old sister, who climbed through first. Once there, he cannot get home, and becomes enmeshed in their conflict, as the people in this world believe him to be the warrior leader from “Overland” their prophecies foretold would save them from annihilation by the rats.

I highly recommend this book for the 5th – 6th grade reader, and especially for boys. There was nothing about this story that would make it inappropriate or uninteresting to a girl, but the high adventure and self discovery that Gregor experiences would definitely appeal to boys. I actually stayed up into the wee hours to finish this book!



Gael Nappa

June 2013

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