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11 Birthdays by Wendy Maas


This is the story of Amanda and Leo that are born on the same day at the Willow Falls Birthing Center. Their parents meet in front of the nursery window. On their first birthday, due to a mistake, both families book the same birthday room. They end up celebrating their first birthday together. They go on to spend every birthday together, hosting joint birthday parties.
On their 10th birthday, Amanda and Leo have a fight and after that they are not friends anymore. For their 11th birthday, their parents plan individual birthday parties. Here is when their lives get complicated. When they wake up the next day, they learn that it is their birthday all over again. They fall into a time loop and their birthday repeats itself 11 times but only they know it is happening. They repeat 11 birthdays until they discover out how to finally reach the next day.

11 Birthdays is a fabulous book full of surprises, fun, humor and most of all true friendship. I find it interesting how they get the opportunity to fix mistakes as the day repeats itself over and over again. They also realize and appreciate what is really important and what is not, because whatever happens on the current day is going to be erased on the next day.
I totally recommend it and I am ready to read Finally by the same author. This book is appropriate for children 9 and up.

review by Julia Aybar, August 2011

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