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Book Review: Following Atticus by Tom Ryan

     Don’t miss this one.— In Following Atticus, Tom Ryan is leading a good enough life in a city he loves, Newburyport, Massachusetts.  He is owner and staff of the “Undertoad, a whistle blowing, truth telling newspaper.  Then Maxwell Garrison Gillis opens up Tom’s life and Atticus Maxwell Finch carries it upward.  Both change his life forever.  Both are miniature schnauzers.

     Max was in need of a home and Tom, reluctantly, gives him one.  The reluctance disappears almost immediately and Max settles into Tom’s heart.  Sadly, Max passes away all too soon, but not before he paves the way for Atticus.

     Atticus is a strong-willed, self-possessed dog who is the perfect match for Tom.  Their early “negotiations” are amusing and the resulting mutual respect deepens their bond.  Atticus is exactly what Tom has needed without knowing it.  Atticus helps heal the sadness in Tom’s life.  And as the two climb the four thousand foot peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, their lives change, and Tom discovers the life he was meant to lead.  He just needs to “follow Atticus”. 

Check it out today or put it on hold. 

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