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Book Review : “More Than Human”

The first time I opened the book “More Than Human” by renowned photographer Tim Flash and author Lewis Blackwell, I got hooked right away.  The first picture I came across was of bats, and my reaction was “I never saw bats looking that beautiful”.  They looked like they were in a photography studio posing for the camera, with a very theatrical lighting effect.  Just stunning!  And then I couldn’t stop… The book showcases a menagerie of creatures—pandas, tigers, dogs, lions, orangutans, cobras, bullfrogs, chimpanzees, wolves, porcupines, elephants, owls, armadillos, among many others—as they have never been seen before. An extraordinary body of work in which each image is more striking and powerful than the last. Definitely a “must see” book!

Look it up in our new non fiction section or place a hold for it!

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