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Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue and illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski



This beautifully illustrated bedtime story begins with a little girl who didn’t want to sleep. After declaring repeatedly that she is not sleepy, her calm parents remind her to change into pajamas and wash up and climb into bed. Once in bed (though not tired), she asks many questions about how animals sleep. As her parents answer her many queries about sleeping habits of familiar animals, they kiss her “goodnight” and turn out the lights.  She continues to remember her parents’ description of the various animals as she falls asleep.

The characters wear crowns as they make their way through magical lands and the illustrations are very whimsical. The attention to detail is very much noted throughout the book. This warm and cozy story may put little ones to sleep, but they’ll have a lot to look at before they close their eyes.

2013 Caldecott honor book

Review by Kathy Alexander

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