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“I’m your man: the life of Leonard Cohen” by Sylvie Simmons


Leonard Cohen is one of a kind. Poet, singer, songwriter, novelist, philosopher, artist. He definitely did not go with the current as Sylvie Simmons tells us in this biography. He went his own way. Among other things, he was a dropout. He would often disappear. A farm in Tennessee, a hideaway in Hydra, Greece, a house in Montreal, his long stays at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City where he bumped into everybody who was anybody in the 1970s. Cohen’s last great dropout residence was Mount Baldy, a Zen retreat where he disappeared for five years in the mountains outside Los Angeles to become a monk. Read this book, it’s a beauty. So is Leonard Cohen. He is my man.

Look for it in our new non-fiction section, or place a hold for it.

And if like me you are left wanting more after the biogrpahy, read also the story of his most famous song “Hallelujah” told in Alan Light’s book “The Holy or the Broken”.

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