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“The Cat Whisperer” – Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Cat Whisperer

Are you a cat lover and wish to figure out the feline mystique?  Then you definitely want to read “The Cat Whisperer” by Mieschelle Nagelschneider.  The basic premise: to look at problems from the cats’ point of view. Key topics include outside the litter box activities, aggression with humans or other cats, clawing, and even excessive meowing – all things that come naturally to cats and drive people crazy!

Nagelschneider’s writing is fluid and accessible, and the book is organized in such a way that you can read it cover to cover, or browse through it as needed. I can’t recommend The Cat Whisperer highly enough if you have cats, whether or not you’re dealing with problem behavior.

Truly a must read for anyone who wants cats to do what humans desire.

 Look for it in our new non-fiction section, or place a hold.

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