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Sura Flow Self-Discovery Yoga (DVD) : Relaxation, Healing, Meditation

Sura Flow on Relaxation, Healing and Meditation (DVD)

In this relatively short (27 minutes) and easy to follow DVD on “Deep Relaxation and Guided Meditation”, you will learn how to clear your body-mind of stress, tension, and pain. It begins with a Centering & Grounding practice that provides basic tools for healing and meditation. 5 Elements Healing uses the natural elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Cosmos) to cleanse and purify your body system. Guided Meditation techniques include breath awareness, observation and cultivating conscious state of being. Filmed on a beautiful lake in Boulder, Colorado, this DVD is created for every level, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

You can find this DVD with our other resources on meditation in the non-fiction collection, or you can place a hold for it.

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