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The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan

the curiosity“The Curiosity” was inspired by the James Taylor song “The Frozen Man,” off his early ’90s album “New Moon Shine.”  It is a smart and irresistible science thriller where a team of scientists finds a frozen man in the Arctic, Judge Jeremiah Rice, from Massachusetts who drowned in 1906. Back in Boston, they succeed to resurrect the frozen man, who is treated by some as a research subject, while others are discovering and loving him as a human being.  At times it is an exploration of what happens in our civilization during this whole century.  For example, Judge Rice is curious about the history of aviation, which was quite new in his time.  At other times, it is a reflection on the ethics of science, mortality, and the meaning of life.  Can Jeremiah Rice resume his life or is he doomed? Watch out for the movie in a near future since the film rights were sold instantly.

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