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August Gale: A Father and Daughter’s Journey into the Storm by Barbara Walsh

August Gale“Long before “The Perfect Storm,” the 1935 August Gale roared northeast. The surf raged along the New York and New Jersey shores as the gale whirled toward Newfoundland. Waves as tall as three-story houses swamped ships; monster combers broke masts in two and swept every man on deck into the raging sea. Scores of fishermen disappeared when the “divil” descended on that August evening, and one Newfoundland village would never be the same. Forty-two children in a community of three hundred lost their fathers.”

“In August Gale, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Barbara Walsh takes readers on two heartrending odysseys: one into a deadly Newfoundland hurricane and the lives of schooner fishermen who relied on God and the wind to carry them home; the other, into a squall stirred by a man with many secrets: a grandfather who remained a mystery until long after his death.”

From a review by goodreads.com

Newfoundland was what attracted me to this title. However, this story encompasses so much more. It’s a story of family and heartbreak; death and second chances; resilience and love. The chapters alternate between present day and 1935. The terrible gale is a gripping part of the story that you can barely stand to read. The story of a family reconnecting is told gently and with grace. Old hurts and new hopes vie with one another. Bravery wins out.

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