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Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

wolvesTell the Wolves I’m Home follows fourteen year old June as she deals with the death of her best friend, her uncle Finn.  Set in the late 1980’s, June’s story collides with the AIDS epidemic sweeping around the world.  Her uncle Finn is a famous painter who died after he finished his last piece, a portrait of June and her sister.  One of June’s favorite activities was sharing tea out of a beautiful teapot with her uncle.  After his death, the arrival of the teapot in June’s mailbox sets her on the trail of a mystery.  This mystery not only adds more confusion while bringing clarity to June’s life about her uncle and who he really was but also helps her start to work through her grief over Finn’s death.  Written about a time when little was known about the AIDS epidemic, Brunt does an excellent job highlighting that uncertainty within June’s story.  Tell the Wolves I’m Home is an excellent story depicting that time in America’s social history when the public was just starting to learn about AIDS and the families affected by it were learning about it through their grief.

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