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My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

strokeJill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained neuroscientist.  So in December of 1996, when she realized that she was having a stroke, her training gave her a unique perspective on the recovery process. My Stroke of Insight opens with a description of the stroke symptoms she was experiencing while she details what is happening to her brain.  Jill Bolte Taylor’s explanations are simple enough for non-experts, so I didn’t feel out of my element despite not knowing anything about how the brain and a stroke work.  The book continues with the story of her recovery and how her expert knowledge allowed her to tailor the steps of her recovery based on how she knew the brain learns and re-learns movements and activities.  I found My Stroke of Insight a fascinating read.  Its a must-read for anyone who has experienced a stroke or helped a loved one recover from one.

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