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“Cinnamon and Gunpowder” by Eli Brown

cinnamonandgunpowder2Renowned chef Owen Wedgwood is content with his boring life, focused solely on creating culinary masterpieces and complacent in his belief that he has the moral high ground in any situation. Then he is kidnapped by infamous pirate Mad Hannah Mabbot, and his safe little world is obliterated.  In an interesting twist on the story of Scheherazade, Owen is forced to use the paltry supplies of a pirate ship to make amazing meals for Captain Mabbot . . . or walk the plank.  At first he is miserable and appalled by the life of his pirate captors, but he soon finds there is more to life, and more to Mad Hannah Mabbot, than he had ever dreamed of in his small kitchen.

This unique book has wonderful writing, intriguing characters, and a subtle humor that keeps you coming back for more. This fun and touching adventure will stay with you!

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