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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Image of item This award winning young adult novel by Benjamin Alire Saenz follows two teens, Aristotle and Dante, growing up in 1980s El Paso, Texas. They meet each other over summer break at the swimming pool where Dante offers to teach Ari how to swim, and friendship slowly blossoms. The two boys are pretty different from each other – Ari isn’t very close to his parents, Dante is very close to his; Ari gets by in school while Dante excels; Ari goes to public school whereas Dante goes to the private school across town; Dante is an artist, Ari doesn’t really have any hobbies. Despite their differences they soon become inseparable.  The boys have deep, beautiful conversations with each other about life and there are so many quote-worthy passages that will keep you thinking about them long after you finish. I listened to this on audio, which is narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) and he was just perfect.


To request a copy of the book click here.

To request the audio book click here. Also available through Hoopla and Overdrive.

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