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“Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places” by Colin Dickey

Coli1679735n Dickey explores the haunted history of America in this brand new bestselling book! Dickey traces different avenues in American history and culture through the various “haunted” buildings and towns that encapsulate an aspect of American culture. The ghost story and haunted building is used as a mirror to reflect the triumphs, anxieties, hopes and prejudices of their time. Each haunted location shows a different aspect of American history that many readers will already know about but frames them in the lens of the supernatural. Dickey traces legends of some of the country’s fairly unknown and come of the most famous haunted locations, like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California.- Using historical documents pinpoints the birth of how they became haunted in their contemporary cultural consciousness, then traces their history to the present. A great read for fans of history, architecture and the supernatural!

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