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“A Curious Beginning” by Deanna Raybourn

London, 1887 – Veronica Speedwell has just spent the past year nursing her aging aunt and is more than ready to find adventure by traveling the world, searching for her beloved butterflies.  Before she can depart, though, she foils her own abduction with the help of a mysterious Baron. He places her in the care of his friend Stoker, a bad-tempered natural historian, promising to give her answers about her unknown parents when he returns. However, when the Baron turns up dead, and it looks like she’s in even more trouble than she thought, Veronica and Stoker must solve the mystery of her past while on the run.

Veronica is the kind of heroine we all want to read about, and we all want to be – smart, self-possessed, and adventurous – and the friendship that grows between the two main characters is compelling.  This is a very enjoyable read for fans of historical mysteries.

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