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“Behind the Throne” by K.B. Wagers

Behind the Throne book coverPrincess Hailimi Bristol ran away to become a gunrunner thinking she would never be needed to ensure her family’s legacy; she had older sisters in line before her to rule the Indranan Empire. Twenty years later, she is suddenly Indrana’s last hope of avoiding civil war, so Hail reluctantly goes from being an outlaw to one of the most powerful people in the universe. But she’s finding that life at court has more intrigue and danger than gunrunning ever did. Using sheer grit and a dogged efficiency, Hail is determined to save her empire from being torn apart . . . as long as she can survive long enough.

This science fiction thrill ride has action, political intrigue, and enough heart to keep anyone interested. A must read for fans of strong leads and imaginative world building.

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