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The dollhouse by Fiona Davis (Audiobook edition), read by Tavia Gilbert

Darby McLaughlin goes to New York in 1952 to enroll in a secretarial school.  She boards at the Barbizon hotel, and become friends with Esme, the maid, who will open Darby to the world of jazz clubs, to the sounds of bebop, to her hidden singing talent, and even to love.  Ultimately, Darby will realize that what she wants might be different from what her mom wishes for her, and she decides to follow Esme in her dreams for fame and glory.  However, a series of events will turn her life upside down.

Half a century later, the Barbizon hotel has been converted to condominiums.  Rose Lewin, journalist, lives there with her married boyfriend. Rose hears rumor of Darby’s involvement in the murder of a maid back in 1952.  She decides to write the story, but a series of events will also turn her life upside down.

If you like audiobook, I definitely recommend to listen this book.  The story is captivating but not distracting (so if you are driving, this is a good one).  It has only 10 hours of recording, so something you can easily listen to in 3 weeks or less.

Tavia Gilbert is reading the book, and she is an excellent reader. She has a very pleasant voice, with great intonations, and a different tone for every character in the book.  I will definitely be looking for more audiobooks read by her in the future.

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