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Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson

Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson is a historical novel about an American journalist in London during WWII.

Ruby Sutton is a young American journalist working in New York City when she receives the offer of a lifetime: The chance to work as a staff writer for Picture Weekly in London covering WWII.  Ruby is determined to make a new start in London, away from anyone who knows about her past as an orphan. The reader is taken along as life in London goes from being a dream come true for Ruby to something far bleaker when the realities of war begin to set in. With the threat of destruction no longer just seeming like a distant possibility, Ruby’s attempts to write about the war while remaining an unbiased outsider become impossible as she witnesses the hardships and heartbreak experienced by the English people. When Ruby herself loses all her material possessions in the London Blitz, she realizes she is a part of the war she is reporting on. Ruby must rely on those around her for support, and she slowly begins to see what true friendship is as she and her colleagues struggle through the heartbreak of loss. Ruby finds not only a home in London, but friendships and a love she could not have imagined.

Robson provides the reader with a realistic understanding of the hardships endured and the terror and loss felt by the English during WWII. We see Ruby change as she witnesses the horrors of war and forms new relationships, and we see the ingenuity and resolve of the people Ruby talks to — the way they are able to find the joyful moments in life despite all the bad. The best quote to sum up Ruby’s story lays in the middle of the war and her journey:

“For here, in this battered and stubbornly beautiful city, where death and destruction fell from the skies night after night, she had finally found a home.”

Robson’s story is both fascinating and beautifully written. This historical novel is something not to be missed, whether you like history, love stories, or wartime novels. To reserve a copy of Goodnight From London, click here.

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