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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Image result for the hate u give Starr Carter lives in a poor, black neighborhood where rival gangs rule the streets and the sounds of gunshots are the norm. She attends a nice, predominantly white (she’s one of a handful of black students) school full of rich kids in the suburbs. She essentially lives two lives – Williamson Prep Starr, where she doesn’t want to act too black and watches how she talks so she doesn’t sound too “ghetto”, has a white boyfriend, and is a star basketball player. Garden Heights Starr is “Big Mav’s daughter who works at the store,” one of her best friends is the daughter of a drug lord (and sister to their mutual half brother), her father is an ex-con, and she saw her best friend die in a drive by shooting at the age of 10.

One night, she leaves a party in Garden Heights with her friend Khalil. They get pulled over and even though Khalil did everything the cop asked and was unarmed, he was shot three times and died on the street. Starr was the sole witness. News of his unjust death soon becomes a national headline and Starr is thrown into a world of court cases, protests, and intimidation from both cops and gangs. Khalil is perceived by the media as a gangbanger and thug and some claim his death was warranted. Starr is the only one who can reveal the truth as to what really happened that night. Can she use her voice and stand up for what’s right? Is she willing to risk her and her family’s lives? Is she willing to have her two lives inevitably collide?

The Hate U Give is incredibly moving, heartbreaking, and REAL. Inspired by Black Lives Matter, this is a story that everyone should read.

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