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“Sunshine” by Robin McKinley

In Robin McKinley’s delightfully creepy world, children grow up learning to be terrified of finding themselves face-to-face with a vampire, and to avoid the Special Other Forces (SOF) department as they police unpredictable magic and those who wield it. Rae, nicknamed Sunshine, just wants to live her quiet life baking for her family’s coffee shop, but recently memories of her beloved grandmother have been intruding and reminding her that she has something to hide from the menacing SOF. There are some places in Sunshine’s world that you just don’t go, but nothing has happened out at the lake for years, so she figures she’ll be ok – turns out she’s wrong.  Suddenly she’s kidnapped by a gang of the very inhuman vampires that infest the city and used as a pawn in the underworld’s power struggle.  Sunshine must make strange alliances and unearth the power she’s been hiding in order to survive, but she knows her quiet life will never be the same.

This is an off-beat and wonderfully strange story with intriguing characters. The book has the eloquence of a fairy tale, but the heart of a romantic adventure, and is a must for fans of the fantasy genre.

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