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The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Greek gods live amongst us, walking the streets of New York City as shadows of their former selves. Artemis, now known as Selene DiSilva, is a private investigator. She specializes in crimes against women. One day when walking her dog, Selene comes across the ritually slaughtered body of a Columbia professor. The discovery awakens a primal instinct inside Selene, a feeling that had been buried for centuries. With the inadvertent help of the victim’s ex, Theo Schultz, Selene begins to investigate the murder. The deeper she goes the more unsavory details she uncovers. The worst part of all? The murderer is someone from her past, someone who is looking for a permanent fix to regain immortality.


With heavy inspiration from the bloody and tragic Greek myths, this urban thriller provides a new twist on Greek mythology. The Immortals is just the first book in the new Olympus Bound series by Jordanna Max Brodsky.


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