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The Café by the Sea by Jenny Colgan

Flora fled from a tiny island in Scotland called Mure years before. She exchanged small island life for the bright lights of London and never looked back. That is until Flora’s law firm took on their most important client—one who just happens to be renovating the biggest property on Mure. Flora gets thrown back into life on the island when her boss—who she is hopelessly in love with—demands she return to her hometown with their client to prevent local revolt against his building plans. By performing this task, Flora is forced to face the memories and people she had fled from so long ago. Through the mayhem of being back at home, with three brothers and a father who cannot cook or clean, Flora discovers a new side of herself and of the island she thought she would never return to.

In this spirited and heartwarming story of second chances and finding your own place in the world, Jenny Colgan provides a satisfying and sweet read!


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