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Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View

Image result for from a certain point of view This is a collection of 40 short stories by 40+ different authors that cover iconic scenes from Star Wars, but told from the points of view of background and side characters. The characters range from droids to Cantina patrons to Stormtroopers and everything in between. How did the red droid feel when it was sent back to the sand crawler and R2D2 went home with Luke instead? It’s covered, and it’s emotional! Read about a young Jawa’s dream to explore the universe, a MSE droid delivering messages to imperial officers, the Stormtrooper who couldn’t find the droids he was looking for, the monster in the trash compactor and how she got there, and so so much more.  Some of the stories are humorous, some emotional, some exciting, and a few…a little boring. But with 40 stories you’re bound to find something to love!

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