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When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple and Rishi may both be 18-year-old Indian Americans getting ready to head off to college, but they couldn’t be more different.  Dimple is rebellious.  She is desperate to be free from her parents’ expectations and finally focus on her dream – to become the next rising star in the tech industry after attending Stanford.  Her parents, on the other hand, are ready for her to find the Ideal Indian Husband and start having children as soon as possible.  Rishi, however, wants nothing more than to make his parents proud, even if it means going to MIT to be an engineer when he’d rather be drawing and writing graphic novels.  When Rishi and Dimple’s parents arrange for them to meet as potential marriage partners, Rishi has their whole future planned out in his mind, down to the proposal during graduate school.  Dimple doesn’t even know they’ve been set up, because her parents know exactly how she will react.  After their first meeting goes horribly wrong, both are surprised find themselves feeling things they didn’t expect.

This YA novel is adorable and the romance is so sweet!  The characters feel like real teenagers, trying to figure out who they are without their parents hovering for the first time.  I loved the cultural touches, bringing in both teens’ cultural heritage and how complicated it can be to balance being both American and Indian.  Reading this book was an utter delight and I’m sad it’s over.  I could have read about Dimple and Rishi forever!  To place a hold on this novel, click here.

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