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“A Queen From the North by Erin McRae”

Do you ever wonder what would have become of the UK if the Wars of the Roses never ended? That is what author Erin McRae wonders as she unravels a story of the 21st century United Kingdom, except it isn’t exactly united. The rivalry between the North (York) and South (Lancaster) has been a threat for over 500 years. This struggle is brought forth into modern times in the form of Lady Amelia Brockett, the youngest daughter of a Northern earl. Amelia has bigger problems than the disunity of her country, though. Both rejected by her graduate course and dumped by her boyfriend, Amelia is deemed the black sheep of her family. It is only by chance (and the pity of her older brother) that Amelia meets Arthur, the widowed Prince of Wales. Arthur has another surprise in store for Amelia. He offers her the chance of a lifetime, to become a Queen from the North. We follow along in this strange but familiar setting as Amelia is thrown into the life of a court royal, surrounded by politics and a prophecy from Arthur’s niece who calls herself the court’s witch. In this alternative history romance, modern age royals show us what could have been had the North and South not been united after all.


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