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Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Eleven years ago, James Stark was sent to Hell.  Problem was, he wasn’t dead yet.  After years of misery, working as a hitman for demons, he has finally found a way to escape and is more than ready to take revenge on the people who sent him “downtown”.  When his first encounter lands him with an annoying talking head and a video store, Stark realizes things may not be as easy as he thought.  Plus, Heaven and Hell both want him on their side and neither is ready to take no for an answer.

This audiobook was so much fun!  I ended up sitting in my car for way longer than I should have to just get a little farther in the book.  Macleod Andrews lends the perfect amount of danger and snark to this twisted, funny novel.  The first in a long series, Sandman Slim will pull you in and keep you coming back for more, even as you debate whether you actually want to root for Stark.  Kadrey has created a fascinating cast of characters and some really clever dialogue.  I can’t wait for book two!  To reserve a copy of Sandman Slim, click here.

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