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“How to Stop Time by Matt Haig”

Tom Hazard is not a time traveler. Born in 1581, Tom is blessed (or cursed) with a disease that makes him age one year for every thirteen or fourteen human years. This leaves Tom looking like a forty-one year old man even though he is closer to the age of some trees you can see around London. Tom is part of a secret group called the Albatross Society. They protect people like Tom from being found out, moving them every eight years when people start to realize they are not aging as they should. When Tom decides he just wants a normal life, the leader of the Albatross Society agrees, allowing Tom to return to London. He becomes a history teacher in a high school, where he intends to make history “come alive” for the students. Who better to teach history than someone who has lived it? Tom settles into his normal life and catches the attention of the school’s French teacher, who seems to think she has met him before. The problem is, there is just one rule to follow as part of the Albatross Society; never fall in love. Will Tom be able to abide by this rule for much longer? Is it worth it?

This story, which is told in five parts, is an adventure through the past and present. Written in a compelling and beautiful style, it is a new type of time traveler novel with something for everyone!

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