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“Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman

Richard Mayhew lives a very normal, very boring life; no one really notices him, and that’s how he likes it. Until one night when he stops to help a girl bleeding on the sidewalk and suddenly he can’t get anyone to notice him at all – no matter how hard he tries. He has been erased from his own life, and the only people who can see him are those that are part of the curious society of London Below – a subterranean labyrinth where normal rules are ignored and death – or worse – lurks around every corner. Richard wants nothing more than to return to his normal, boring existence in London Above, but to do this he must first stumble through confusing politics, battle terrifying beings, and brave his way through wondrous adventures with his new companions.

This book is a fun and fascinating adventure that Gaiman has imbued with his characteristic creativity and thoughtful observations. It is enjoyable not only as a book, but also as an audiobook (read by the author or read by a full cast), and as a TV mini-series. Choose one or try them all – you’ll love it every time!

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