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“Annihilation” by Jeff VanderMeer

book cover imageAnnihilation is a novel that brings together many aspects to create something you have never read before.  It’s atmospheric, creepy, and wistful.  It’s a horror story about an impending apocalypse; it’s a story of growth about a woman who is grieving and reflecting on her life at the same time; it’s a meditation on human nature and how we interact with one another.  A story of adventure, survival, and personal growth, with a strong dose of horror.  It’s all of these things and more, in an almost stream of consciousness narrative that will at once unnerve you and draw you in.   If you want to understand how all of these aspects tie together to create a chilling and fascinating novel you’ll just have to read it.

To reserve a copy of Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, click here! Then check out the rest of the trilogy here: Authority (#2) & Acceptance (#3).

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