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“21 lessons for the 21st century” by Yuval Noah Harari

“21 Lessons for the 21st Century” is the new book by bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari.  In his first book “Sapiens”, Harari wrote about the history of humanity.  In his second book “Homo Deus”, Harari looked into the potential future of humanity.  In “21 lessons for the 21st Century”, Harari addresses today’s most urgent issues that we face as human beings as we navigate life in a world that is constantly changing.

In twenty-one chapters, Harari looks at the current questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to survive.  Can we address global threats such as climate change, nuclear war, and technology disruption at a national level? Why is liberalism in crisis? How do we deal with the epidemic of fake news? How do computers and robots change the meaning of being human? Are nations and religions still relevant? How can we retain freedom of choice when Big Data is watching us? What will the future workforce look like, and how should we ready ourselves for it? What should we teach our children when we do not know what the future will look like in 30 years?

Harari looks at our humanity in a unique and provocative way. He is definitely expanding our minds and giving us lots of food for thoughts and conversations.  Highly recommended!

Warning:  Although you don’t need to have read the first two books to understand “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”, you will definitely want to read them after you are done with it.

Link to “21 lessons for the 21st century”

Link to “Sapiens”

Link to “Homo Deus”


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