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The Infinite Blacktop by Sara Gran

  In this third installment of the Claire DeWitt trilogy, Private Investigator Claire DeWitt is reeling from a bad car accident and sure someone is trying to kill her.  Unfortunately, the list of who wants her dead is really long.  The question is who wants her dead NOW?  Using her brilliant deductive skills, learned through Jacques Silette’s mysterious book Détection and at the feet of his protégé, Constance Darling, Claire goes on the run to stay alive.  With flashbacks to her childhood in Brooklyn and a complex case from years ago in L.A., DeWitt might finally get the answers to the mystery that has plagued her all her life – the disappearance of her best friend Tracy.

These books are riveting.  DeWitt is a mess, a genius, and entirely relatable all at the same time.  Her methods are strange, but fascinating, with hints of meditation and holism.  I can’t wait for the fourth book.  Click here to place this book on hold.

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