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Tale Teller by Anne Hillerman

Anne Hillerman has picked up the threads of the characters created by her father, Tony Hillerman. Their stories spring from the Navajo lands of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, an area known as The Four Corners. In Tale Teller, the fifth in her series, the story of Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee continues. They are now married and working out of the same Ship Rock Tribal Police Station.  Their mentor and recently retired Navajo Police Lieutenant, Joe Leaphorn, is back after a serious head injury. Joe is searching for a missing Navajo artifact as a favor to his friend, Louisa. He is tracing a “biil”, a traditional dress with significant historical value. It is a relic of a dark time in history when the Navajo were forced marched from their sacred lands to a camp in the desert. Other plot threads are the investigations that Jim and Bernie are pursuing. Jim is looking into a string of jewelry thefts, while Bernie is working with the FBI to solve the murder of an unidentified man found on a popular hiking trail. The plots twist around each other with a trail of clues that makes this a page-turner. The novel can stand-alone as an engaging mystery, but the complexity of the characters and a heightened sense of place emerge if you read it as part of the Leaphorn and Chee mystery series.

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