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“Truly Devious” Maureen Johnson

If you thought the worst part about going to a secluded school in Vermont would be the lack of cell phone reception and the overabundance of maple syrup, you would be wrong. True crime fanatic Stevie Bell is set to start her first year at the prestigious Ellingham Academy. However, while her peers focus on math, science, and art, Stevie has her sights set on solving the decade’s old crime that shrouds the school. But what happens when it appears that the evasive figure, Truly Devious, pinned for the crime years before, seems to be back? Now Stevie will be the one caught up in the mystery.

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And don’t worry; if this book has you hooked as it did for me, the sequel is already out. But be warned, it will be a little while before the third and final installment hits shelves.

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