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“This Is How It Always Is” by Laurie Frankel

In her novel “This is how it always is”, Laurie Frankel addresses a controversial topic in a loving and compassionate way.  This is the story of Rosie and Penn, parents of 5 sons: Roo, Ben, Rigel, Orion, and Claude.  However, Claude is not like his older brothers.  Instead of GI Joes, he prefers Barbie dolls.  Instead of jeans and t-shirts, he prefers dresses.  And instead of dreaming of growing up to be a fireman, he dreams of becoming a girl.

What starts off as simply letting Claude play with whatever toys he likes, soon becomes much more.  Claude becomes Poppy, goes to school as a girl, and becomes the family secret, until the secret can’t be kept anymore.

Although this is a fiction, the author lived through a similar story with her own kid.

I absolutely love this book and can’t recommend it enough.

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