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October 20, 2016

Haverhill Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of October 20, 2016

The regular monthly meeting of the Trustees of the Haverhill Public Library was called to order at 8:37 a.m. on Thursday, October 20, 2016, in the Donald C. Freeman Whittier Room.  In attendance were Trustees Sheehan, Veasey, Klueber, and Coletti, along with Director Sarah Moser and Asst. Director Ricky Sirois.

Secretary’s Report

The trustees were given copies of the minutes dated September 15, 2016.  After taking a few moments to peruse them.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as written.  The minutes were so approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Fentross went over the financial reports for the month of September 2016.  The trustees had no further questions.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the reports.  Approval was unanimous.

The State Aid Report has been submitted.  Julia Fentross is working with the auditor John Arcari.  John mentioned that he would like the temporary gifts to remain in the Bank of America account.  This way it will be easier to keep the short-term gifts accessible.

Sarah added that the fundraiser – Trivia Night – raised $10,000.00 before expenses.  We should clear about $8,000.00.  Much appreciation goes to the Haverhill Bank and Market Basket for being major sponsors.  When asked about whether or not it’s worth continuing with Trivia Night, Ms. Moser said it’s a great PR event and creates good will within the community.

Director’s Report

A copy of the Director’s Report is attached hereto.  Dick Sheehan inquired as to whether or not the report is on line.  He felt strongly that it should be available to the public.

The Friends Book Sale brought in just under $5,000.00.  They reported many dealers attended the preview day.

The State Aid Waiver is due next week.  We are $275,000.00 short.  This is a big gap.

The “Summer Street Pavilion” has four new, brightly colored adirondack chairs.  This is a trial to see whether or not people will use them.  In the spring, landscaping could be added to make the area look welcoming.

Gary Schena (GS Painting) has been contacted about power washing the building.  The trustees are concerned about the stucco-like material and asked that a sample be done to prior to completing the project.

The trustees inquired as to whether or not anyone had been contacted regarding a fence being put around the unsightly dumpster.  Administration will follow up on this request.

Old Business

The first phase of the Summer Street steps has been completed.  The steps leading from the Summer Street entrance to the lower level near the garage have been patched until work can continue. This may not be until spring 2017.

The goal for the digitization project for Special Collections is to start on November 1.  It will be broken down into three phases at a cost of $25,000 to $50,000/phase.  After the first phase, it will be time to hire someone to do the cataloging.  Nancy House attended the recent NELA conference and has a few recommendations.  Sarah has been keeping in touch with Mr. Geoffrion and will continue to work with him during the project.

Erik Bauer has determined there is nothing that rare in Special Collections.  He has been working on a list following our Deaccession Policy.  The next step will be to sell items we don’t need.  We’ll hold onto those things of value – there are items worth around $10,000 – and material pertaining to Haverhill.  Erik has published a list and most are catalogued.

We can make material more accessible.  Erik is familiar with the necessary PR and how to sell things.  Sarah will keep the Board informed.  The goal is to Haverhillize our collection.  We will let the public know that we are not selling City property.

Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) recommends that we use the dark room for storage of valuable items.  We’ll have to contact an outside consultant regarding plumbing, etc.

Ms. Moser reported the library has had a good presence outside of the building.  We participated in the Farmer’s Market, attended craft fairs handing out printed material about the library, and Jen Scarci was very good publicizing The Friends Shop.

Mr. Sirois reported on reaching out to seniors.  We have a program with Baker Katz Nursing Home where two library staff visit the home on a regular basis.  Another group take books to Haverhill Crossings.

We will be working on plans for the staff holiday party to include dinner and a Yankee Swap.

In June 2017, two library scholarships will be given away at the Haverhill High School graduation.  This will be the first time the library had participated.  The trustees would like the value of each scholarship to be $2,500.  This will be added to the next agenda for further discussion.  The money is not included in the budget.  We could put more money into the program and include PR, etc.

The meeting came to an end with a few questions remaining.  How can we raise our level of marketing to help support scholarships?  Is there anything in the Strategic Plan that needs fundraising?  How do we increase our connection with the Latino community?  Do we revamp English as a second language program?  Let’s look into more ESL classes.  Perhaps we could bring someone in from the outside.

New Business

The trustees had a brief brainstorming session over the By-Laws.  They discussed having outside people serve on the Standing Committees.  It could be a way to give a person a trial period for becoming a future Board member.  They felt there is no one better than staff to serve on the Library Committee.  The trustees referred to the Open Meeting Law Guide over the question pertaining to “remote participation.”

At approximately 10:34 a.m., a motion was made to adjourn.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Lyons

Secretary Pro Tem

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