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January 19, 2017

Haverhill Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of January 19, 2017

            The regular monthly meeting of the Trustees of the Haverhill Public Library was called to order at 8:40 a.m. on Thursday, January 19, 2017, in the Donald C. Freeman Whittier Room.  In attendance were Trustees Veasey, Klueber, Rurak, Bresnahan, and Coletti, along with Director Sarah Moser.  Absent was Vice Chairman Sheehan.

Secretary’s Report

The trustees were given copies of the minutes dated December 15, 2016.  After taking a few moments to peruse them, a motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes without modification.  The minutes were so approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Fentross went over the financial reports for the month of December 2016.  We’ve received many gifts, as well as a couple of substantial donations.  In particular, a gift of $100,000.00 from Olive Macdougall.  The Laing family donated $25,000.00 to be added to the Laing Family Fund for Special Collections.  Note this amount was overlooked and not included in the Gift Income 2016 total for December.

We are only 10-12 days away from finalizing Blinn, Farrell’s audit.  Nelson Blinn and John Arcari plan to make their presentation at our February meeting.  John is working on streamlining things.  He wants to make sure the information in the files matches up with the list from TD Bank.  Mr. Sheehan will be contacted for clarification on the Macdougall Fund.  The trustees asked the director to let John know how pleased they are that he’s going over the fund information.

We received a small portion of the stock transfer from Art Geoffrion’s cousin.  Mr. Arcari said to keep the Geoffrion money in Bank of America, since we’ll need to withdraw money for the digitization project from time to time.

Ms. Moser had one final note regarding the Laing family.  They have in their possession a number of books from the Special Collections Room.  Gregory Laing, former curator of Special Collections, had borrowed the books.  It was determined the books are of no great value and not relevant to our collection.  Therefore, the trustees were in agreement that we do not seek ownership of the books.  A letter will be sent to Nancy Laing stating the Board’s opinion.

There was a discussion about getting help for our full-time custodian.  Due to a Union grievance, we are not in a position to hire a part-time person.  The money is in the building line item.  Mr. Mendez is paid over time for Sunday hours worked, but there are only so many hours he can be available.

The trustees had no further questions.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the reports.  Approval was unanimous.

Director’s Report

A copy of the Director’s Report is attached hereto.

Ms. Moser contacted the schools regarding educating our youth on the subject of marijuana use.  The schools will be discussing the issue, but it is still too early to come up with a definite plan.


Old Business

             Ms. Moser has heard back from one contractor regarding the remodeling of the Dark Room in Special Collections.  His estimate is in the mail.

Ms. Moser has the approval from the mayor for Patron Appreciation Day.  However, he would like the library to open for library business to take place but without computers/Internet.  We are looking at the last Sunday in March for the event.  Ricky is working on the details.  The Friends will be available to sell snacks.  A small fee to attend the event was being considered, but the Trustees would like the event to be free to the public.  Approval was given to use up to $1,000.00 from the programming budget to cover expenses.  It was suggested that a raffle might be helpful to cover additional costs.

The event will be geared toward families.  There will be lots of advertising:  social media, schools, newspapers, local businesses, City Hall, Citizens Center, WHAV, etc.


New Business


Renewal of Erik Bauer’s contract will be coming up soon.  Erik has presented his proposal for the next six months.  He wants to continue working on the rare book collection.  Two of the three appraisers have taken a look at the collection – one was Ken Gloss.

Elysia has drafted a job description for a new cataloguer.   The position could be advertised for 20-30 hours/week with a six-month contract that could be renewed every six months as Erik has been doing.  The suggested rate of pay is $25/hour.  The trustees asked to include overseeing the cataloguer in Erik’s proposal.

Erik has put together goals for the cataloguer.  What would incremental benefit be?  Ms. Moser will look at what the NEDCC proposal says, and will e-mail a copy to the trustees.  It must jibe with Art Geoffrion’s proposal.  The match to Mr. Geoffrion’s gift is at TD Bank and can be transferred with 7-10 days’ notice.  A detailed log will be kept so that Mr. Geoffrion can be informed of the steps taken.  We haven’t received our first bill from NEDCC.  Ms. Moser will keep everyone updated.

The trustees agreed to extend Mr. Bauer’s contract another six months to include providing supervision over the cataloger with appropriate supervision over other contracted staff.  The money comes out of Special Collections.

Ms. Moser would like to have an outdoor LED sign installed.  It could be a gift from the Friends, but Sarah will ask the City to approve first.  The trustees thought it was a great idea.

Ms. Coletti mentioned the Financial Reports used to include a list of the memorial gifts and who gave to the Reader’s Fund.  It would be helpful to have these lists included.

A patron has inquired about the Summer Street book drop.  This was removed a number of years ago.  Ms. Moser will look into the cost of a small book drop, since Summer Street is a convenient spot for parking when the library is closed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Bresnahan



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