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November 17, 2016

Haverhill Public Library

Board of Trustees

Minutes of November 17, 2016

The regular monthly meeting of the Trustees of the Haverhill Public Library was called to order at 8:36 a.m. on Thursday, November 17, 2016, in the Donald C. Freeman Whittier Room.  In attendance were Trustees Veasey, Klueber, and Bresnahan, along with Director Sarah Moser and Asst. Director Ricky Sirois.  Chairman Fiorentini was in attendance but had to leave early for another meeting.  Absent were Trustees Coletti and Rurak.  Mr. Sheehan attended the meeting remotely.

Secretary’s Report

The trustees were given copies of the minutes dated October 20, 2016.  After taking a few moments to peruse them.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes without modification.  The minutes were so approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Fentross went over the financial reports for the month of October 2016.  The trustees had no further questions.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the reports.  Approval was unanimous.

Director’s Report

A copy of the Director’s Report is attached hereto.  Ms. Moser is working on the style of her report in order to include it on the library’s home page for the public.

Since the October Book Festival was a success, we are working on another book fair to be held in December.  The adult coloring club and knitting club are both well attended.

Ms. Moser and Mr. Sirois attended a seminar on Public Service Law.  However, it doesn’t really apply to the library in its entirety.  Beginning January 2017, those in public service are required to respond to requests for public records within 10 days and to complete the process within 25 days.

After a brief discussion about the Open Meeting Law, the trustees determined they comply with the law.

Old Business

Lavallee Landscapers have finished up their work for the season.

Mr. Pacheco, the City’s Purchasing Agent, and Ms. Moser seem to be going back and forth regarding the next phase for the Summer Street steps.  Thus, there is nothing to report at this time.  It looks as though the next phase will be done in the spring of 2017.

We are looking for a general contractor to give us some ideas for the dark room project.

Erin at Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) has prepared a synopsis on what should be done with regard to the deaccession of books.

The company we’ve been working with for the stand alone kiosk – a robot – for self-check has been very unresponsive.  Therefore, we have withdrawn our order.  Instead, we will use the Friends Wish List money to replace furniture and improve the library’s appearance with painting various areas.

The Book Donation Policy seems to be working.  The Friends will be available to pick up books a few weeks prior to the next book sale.

We have decided to have this year’s Holiday Party at Joseph’s in Ward Hill on Friday, December 9.

New Business

There is only one student volunteer for the library’s scholarship in June 2017.  The next year, we’ll put pressure on the Guidance Counselors.  It was suggested to ask Mike LaBella from the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune to do an article for us.  This year the scholarship will be for $1,500.  The trustees would like to see this raised to $2,500.

Mr. Sheehan mentioned that Bessie Grad passed away, recently.  The trustees felt there was no need to follow up on the Grad Fund.  It will take years before the stipulations are met.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathleen Bresnahan


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